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About the ChemicoMays Portal

The ChemicoMays Portal is your 'one-stop shop' for all things Chemico. Whether you're looking to run a report or trying to find a link to more information, you've come to the right place. p>

From the top menu, you currently have a few options. You may click on the 'Reports' link to access any of the reports which have been assigned to you. If you feel that you may need additional reporting capabilities, please contact your supervisor or open a ticket with the ChemicoMays Help Desk. All requests for reports must be approved prior to being implemented. Additionally, if you need access to multiple MAS databases or additional site codes, please follow the same procedure.

In the future, we hope to offer additional functionality. One of these features will be catalogging functionality to enable users the ability to look at products from MAS in real-time and create an electronic ordering process with a workflow model to control the approval process. Additional functionality in the future may feature document sharing, document management, Help Desk integration, network account management and other self-service features. Please stay tuned and feel free to send us an e-mail!