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    ChemicoMays Launches New Portal

    ChemicoMays is pleased to announce the launch of its new Portal website. This Portal shall serve to provide users with a 'one-stop shopping' approach for all of their data and information needs. The portal includes the ability to run reports, download reports in many different formats, service your own account and in the future, perform all catalog ordering functionality.

  • ChemicoMays launches new website

    ChemicoMays Launches New Website

    ChemicoMays has revamped its website, offering a new modern design, sleek interface and a large amount of helpful and useful information. The new website can be accessed by going to

  • Report file formats

    Many Formats Available

    When you run a report, you have the capability to export the contents of that report to many different formats. The ChemicoMays Portal includes the ability to export your report in any of the following formats: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, CSV, MHTML, TIFF and XML.

Portal Information

Portal Information

About the Portal

The ChemicoMays Portal offers a single entry point for obtaining all the information you may need. Reports, catalog features, useful links and contact information can all be found here.

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